Hi there.  I’m John A. Tolle and you came here to learn more about me.  It’s like I’m a wizard or something, right, because how else could I possibly know something like that?

But seriously, though, I’m a Techie, always have been and always will be.  I’ve been in The IT Biz for more than a couple of decades and I’ve been tinkering for much longer than that.  You can learn more about my intentions for this blog site on my Welcome post.

I studied electronics, got a little degree from ITT (Google it because it no longer exists!), started my own web design business and then headed into a “normal” career in IT, mostly unrelated to electronics, working for all shapes and sizes of businesses.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and now work for a great company doing what we all hope will improve the lives of many people. I’ll get into that on another blog post.

I’m happily married with two boys and looking forward to the little guys growing up so we can do more and more interesting things (and so that my wife and I can have more date nights!)

Me, Becky, Sam and Flynn, clockwise from left.
The Tolles