Welcome to the Digitolle Insights blog!

I’m your host, John A. Tolle, and I love technology but it often drives me insane.  If you’re not sure what I mean, just look at the photo above.  Yeah, insane just like that (but isn’t it also neat and strange at the same time, though?)

As a technical person, I spend a large portion of my time hunting down solutions to problems (or, as we say in The IT Biz, resolutions to issues) and, as we all know, searching The Interwebs can be a painful, if eventually rewarding, experience.  The problem usually is that you find tidbits all over the place from your favorites like stackexchange and stackoverflow or maybe even github (depending on what you’re working on) but nobody has the real answer all in one place.

I aim to fix that, just like oh so many others, but hopefully in a way that’s not only insightful, but fun, too.  I shall share my frustrations along with the solutions themselves to provide a bit of color.

Topics will range from Microsoft Windows and CentOS Linux administration to Atlassian product usage to PHP, JavaScript, and other language programming or Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile app design (Java, Swift, Objective C, C#, Visual Basic, and Xamarin) and even straight up hardware fun like 3D printing and home automation.  Heck, I might even throw in some random electronics projects I work on from time to time.  Did I mention I also like TV shows and movies and other entertainment (VR and AR are neat as hell, if still in their infancy)?  Whew, that’s getting to be a ridiculous list.  We’ll see how it pans out.

Anyhow, I’m glad you stopped by to visit.  Hopefully, you’ll find a solution to your technical problem (thank you, Google, Bing, etc.) or be entertained by one of my rants about something random.

– John

2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Good point! I forgot about virtualization in general. I have my hands in VMware and such, but you and Pat will have to fill in when it comes to Citrix because that is not an area in which I dabble.


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